Tuesday, June 2, 2009

stop talking to me Mike Martin!

dirtyrascal666: LOL
dirtyrascal666: yea, i'm almost 23 for crying out loud
dirtyrascal666: time to grow up
dirtyrascal666: and move on to eating other peoples shit
dirtyrascal666: for money

dirtyrascal666: whoa i just plucked a nose hair out of my nose, seriously like an inch long
dirtyrascal666: the thickness and way that it feels, is just like all of haileys fur
dirtyrascal666: hailey has human nose hairs growing all out of her
dirtyrascal666: cuz i pick my nose and wipe it on her
dirtyrascal666: and nose hair grows

dirtyrascal666: you just see old people with not teeth shoving food into the robot ducks mouth
dirtyrascal666: and sucking their nutrition out of it ass
dirtyrascal666: now that is something i would like to see

dirtyrascal666: lol
tell him i'll see him at BJ's
and that this ones on me

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